Please note!


Homogenous classes are best for everyone! Please read the level descriptions carefully and be honest about your level –  having honest self-assessment is hard, but choosing the adequate level will increase the learning and fun for you and your dancing partners in the workshop!


Level description (subject to change)


1 – Al Capone
You always wanted to dance Charleston? With Al Capone, you are right if you have never danced Charleston before or if you are not comfortable yet with the basics! Your teachers will take you through the fundamentals in a fun and easy way. Already after the first day, you will be able to Charleston across the dance floor with the cool new things you’ve learned in class.

2 – Marlene Dietrich
You’ve already taken a few Charleston classes, and you are familiar with the basic so that you don´t need to focus on your feet. You already know some moves like the Follower Turn or Leader Turn, and now you want to expand your repertoire and improve your technique. If so, Marlene Dietrich is the right choice for you.

3 – Josephine Baker
You already felt in love 20s partner Charleston! You can dance Charleston accurately even at higher tempos without making any effort. You already have a decent repertoire of moves; you can switch between different styles in your basic and love it to twist. For a long time, you have been looking for new input for your 20s partner Charleston level, but until now there was a lack of suitable courses. You are right here! Welcome to Josephine Baker!

Extra Classes
Workshop participants from all levels are welcome to attend the extra classes. You can book extra classes in addition to your level classes.