Aila Floyd (London)

Aila is a full time professional dancer and director of the internationally renowned flapper troupe, The Bee’s Knees, performing and teaching Charleston all over the world. Her passion for the music, films, style and dancing of the 1920’s is evident in the authentic styling and look of the troupe.

She has been teaching Lindy hop with Uptown Swing Dance Company since 2012 Solo jazz and Charleston for London swing dance society and Collegiate shag at Shag pile London. She placed in the European Swing Dance Championships in the Lindy Hop division and has also won European competitions in other swing dances such as Collegiate Shag.

Aila is a born performer and has studied theatre and clowning with many influential teachers, as well as a host of dances including ballroom, flamenco and eccentric dance.

She is super excited to be teaching at Hamburg partner Charleston weekend with fellow London Swing dancer Stephen Atemie.




Stephen Atemie (London) 

Stephen started dancing about 4.5 years ago with Swing Patrol when he got dragged to a beginner class with a friend where he instantly fell in love with the music. He got more involved with performing with troupes where he learned a lot of aerials and choreography. His love of movement wasn’t new as he had always been very active in sports like football and basketball to other disciplines like Wing Chun Kung Fu and Parkour.
Stephens focus now is to learn and improve as a dancer, bring some old school to the new school, as well as share his experience with those starting out their journeys.
Stephen teaches for 2.5 years at Swing Patrol Crouch End covering Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and of course – Charleston!





Meike Heller (Berlin)

What Meike met by accident 13 years ago at a party in Hamburg has since become an integral part of her life.

Swing dancing has become her greatest passion and profession. For more than ten years she teaches swing dance, and now she gives workshops all over Europe, educates prospective dance teachers, trains actors and works as a choreographer, most recently for the series ‚Babylon Berlin‘.

1920’s Charleston is Meike’s specialty. She loves this fast swing dance and has acquired an extensive repertoire in the last ten years that she passes on to beginners and advanced.

As a trainer, Meike attaches great importance to a pleasant and mellow learning atmosphere. Over the years, she has developed her style in her lessons, subdividing complex processes into small portions and developing the characteristical playfulness of Charleston right from the start. She dances with joy at improvisation and loves dynamic creative dance. She now lives and works mainly in Berlin.




Alena & David (Hamburg)

Alena and David have been dancing together since 2012. Her passion for partner Charleston was sparked in 2013. When they are not traveling around the world to study at international workshops and festivals, they teach Collegiate Shag and Charleston at the New Swing Generation in Hamburg and lead weekly training groups for Shag and 20s partner Charleston at Shag & Charleston.

The fun of dancing is just as elemental for Alena & Davido as the technique, and for both, it is the best part to be able to see the enthusiasm for the Charleston in the faces of the participants after a workshop.